Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sydney Phone Home by Aunt Kiki

The woman has done it! Done it I say! Elyse passed her nursing boards and she is now a registered nurse in the state of Washington!! Due to her busy schedule, I will be updating on Sydney, Elyse and the family has they swing and swift with life and bend and stretch to accommodate Elyse’s long commute to work.

As I can only boast, at the age of 22 months, Sydney’s vocabulary is stellar. The kid is a walking, talking baby dictionary. She will repeat anything you say (which means Kiki has to clean her mouth) and she is all about singing songs, from nursery rhymes to Tim McGraw. Books are huge in…her book, along with car rides, wagon rides and the double-trouble twin boys that live next door, Sonny and Tom.

Talking on the phone is the new big thing. Before, the phone was merely something distracting her mother from playing with her. Now, voices come out of it and more often than not, it’s Kiki on the other end. Sydney’s now old enough to answer me when I ask her what she’s doing, though it’s usually a one word answer, like “book” or “Caillou.” I can see that, in the not so distant future, she and I will be ringing up phone bills like her mother and I do.

Elyse and I have the same cell phone. They are often sitting next to each other on the coffee table when I visit. Sydney has discovered how to tell them apart. The pictures on the inside. Elyse’s phone opens to a picture of Sydney in a cute blue sweater. My phone opens to the picture posted above. They are both of her, but Sydney knows which is which. Smart gal. And as you can tell, Elyse and I are huge fans of the picture phone, which also records 15 seconds of video. Fabulous and dangerous at the same time, much like Sydney.