Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Gift of Youth

Everyone has their AHA moments right? (Isn't that what Oprah says?) Well, I didn't expect mine to come while I was talking on the phone to my best friend, eating oreo smothered cake for breakfast. But there I was, shoving my face and complaining about how I can never find anything on the net about young, but not teen, Moms. Being 25, I'm caught in a Mommy limbo. I'm not old enough for the play groups that 30ish Moms put on to meet the FDA recommended quota of child-on-child interaction, but I'm hardly a teen Mom in need of brochures on planned parenthood and 10 Reasons Babies Can't Have Hot Dogs. Nope, society has deemed me capable by some ambiguous and invisible set of standards, and turned me loose with a Mommy seal of approval.

In the beginning, I read all the books about parenting. But always in the back of my mind I felt like these books weren't really written for me. There were no chapters titled, "College and Babies: How to do it all" or "Why it's ok to do things for yourself sometimes." Instead, these well meaning books have 100 page chapters devoted to babyproofing your home. I may be young and naive, but can't all that be boiled down to, "Watch your child. Teach them what they can and cannot touch. Don't eat bugs, don't drink toilet water, say no-no to bleach. Good luck." When did parenthood become "freakouthood"? I guess that's a whole other chapter.

My point in beginning this blog is simple. I am a young parent. With makeup that hides dark circles, a confident smile, and really great shoes, I have convinced society that I can have it all. In reality, I feel like a big kid telling a little kid what to do. How can I say no more jelly beans, when I had chocolate cake for breakfast? However, I am also a great parent. Our life is relaxed. We go to Starbucks and eat pumpkin loaf. We lay in the grass and watch grasshoppers. We dress up in skirts and ponytails. I remember what it was like to be a kid, and that is my special blessing.


Blogger Kiki said...

You are the greatest mom I know! I hope I can be half the mom you are, even though I will probably be old and boring by the time I procreate. HAHA

11:36 AM  
Blogger Sarafu said...

I couldnt of put it into words better. I'm not in school and and a few years past 25 (3) but I So know the feeling of not being prepared for this whole new life with kids. That doesnt mean that I dont love it!! When I had my first at 25 I remember thinking that I was way to young for someone to intrust a LIFE into my hands. I guess it doesnt sound young but it feels young. And yes, sometimes I eat cake for breakfast or brownies or just some chocolate truffles. Did my parents do that when I wasnt looking. I doubt it, but maybe they did? :)
I'm pretty sure that along with your bundle of joy comes those dreaded dark circles. I remember when I was little thinking that only old woman needed makeup for that. I guess it starts with motherhood. :)

10:44 AM  
Blogger jenn256 said...

yes sara, I just bought conceler for the first time a few weeks ago! How aweful,don't only old woman use conceler?

It's odd how things change so fast when you aren't looking. Example: my husband and I took our daughter to Disney in January. At the endof the night we got stuck on "It's a Small World" for close to 30 minutes. After we finally got off they gave us a FastPass(a way to skip the line for a ride) for any ride in the park......and without any hesitation we used ours for the longest ride in the park....Dumbo! Where didit all go wrong that I used away to skip the line for ANY RIDE at Disney, and I used mine for a kids ride that lasts 30 seconds???? :) Don't get me wrong, my daughter loves the ride and that's all that matters, it just makes me laugh sometimes how this little 2 foot tall monster changed my life so fast!!

7:56 AM  
Blogger Sarafu said...

Isnt it Amazing how things change!!! We think that we are going to be the ones that Dont change (or at least I did) and here comes this little person into your life and you rearange everything for them....funny thing is that I wouldnt have it any other way.
Well, I didnt change everything.....I never gave up the important stuff. Like ALIAS! I just recruited my kids to be fans! :)

4:11 PM  
Blogger jenn256 said...

or arrange their bed times around it like I did. When my daughter was born, it was still on at 8pm, so Giana was in bed by 7:30! I know it's terrible, and I wouldn't tell that to anyone else but my Alias bloggy buddies!

9:40 AM  
Blogger Sarafu said...

Its amazing how many things in my life I arrange around ALIAS. Your not alone!!

3:08 PM  
Blogger Courtney said...

I live in Freeland, WA too... and I feel the exact same way. I am always looking for things to do with my lil-man, who is almost 16months old right now... Lemme know if you would ever like to get together and do something fun with the kiddos.

11:42 AM  

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